Nikon to Canon switch - 5D3 lense choice

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Re: Nikon to Canon switch - 5D3 lense choice

deep7 wrote:

Richard Innes wrote:

Thanks guys for all the advice. I am pretty confused now though Was pretty sure I was ready to make the mk3 plunge - but have to say its slightly disconcerting to see so many people on a canon forum saying "dont do it - stick with Nikon"......

I'm quite stunned at the handful of noisy people spoiling this forum with pro-Nikon rants. Ignore them. You've done your research, get the camera that works for you. A forum like this has a high proportion of people who are swayed by spec-sheets and test figures, forgetting that all current DSLRs have very competent sensors, all have relative strengths and weaknesses and things like ergonomics, focussing reliability, lens choice and so on have become (in the real world) much more important than sensor differences which are invisible in 99% of prints!

Those people waste a lot of money....


It's like choosing between two sports cars with one that can do 180 but the other only 150. When you spend 99.99% of your time driving below 80 the top speed shouldn't be the deciding factor. Any camera today is capable of phenomenal results and the limitation is not the camera but the skills and talent of the photographer. Choose the tool you're most comfortable with and then hone your skills to get the most from it.


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