A99........ .little interest being shown

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Re: A99........ .little interest being shown

thubleau7 wrote:

It looks like it is definitly dead in the water the D600 the Canon 6D and the A57 are getting the majority of hits along with a couple of other Sony's.
Somebody mentioned that it is the size of the forum was the reason why.

I don't think so that argument does not stand up to the light of day when compared to the 6D and the D600 and the Nex6 and the A57 plenty of interest.

Nice try Sony and it might be a great cam but it just wasn't enough to create an exodus.

'Dead in the water' - LOL. The A99 is going to be a massive camera for Sony and is likely to supplant the the 5D in the professional video market over time.

People thinking the camera has somehow failed already or is not impressing people are just not aware of life away from this website, which has long maintained the blissful ignorance of Canon and Nikon users that their systems are somehow in a 'different class' from Sony cameras - which they are not.

The A99 is more interesting in every way than either of the other two recent FF offerings but you probably won't get that impression here. In the A99 review there will be praise for Sony's innovations but no comparison with Sony in the Canon or Nikon reviews. Neither camera-maker will be taken to task for not including an articulating rear LCD for example, which is pretty much inexcusable nowadays.

Nikon and Canon users will not complain, because they are not used to having an articulating LCD, but Dpreview's journalists are in a different position using all of these cameras. There are people is the Canon forum who think L zooms are better than Zeiss primes. Nobody disabuses them of these notions. The consensus in the 7D forum is that the A77 is not even in the same class as the 7D when it outperforms it in almost every regard. Away from this site comment is more balanced and credible.

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