Go D600!!! - I want 5D3 for Christmas for $2,500 or less

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Re: Well said Mike! He won't reply I guess... ;)

Well said Mike! He won't reply I guess...

anotherMike wrote:

I'm rather surprised at the troll-like, arrogant nature of your post here, given in the past you've at least been reasonably civil in discussions in the Nikon forums, even though it's clear you shoot Canon. What gives with that?

So I'm gonna come at your hard, because I don't tolerate trolls, jerks or poorly founded arguments very well, and frankly, your post is full of all of the above.

Secondly, your assessment that Nikon AF lenses aren't sharp is bogus and speaks of serious troll. I'll wager I've shot more brands and formats than you, and across more decades. Modern G Nikon glass is for the most part quite sharp with excellent contrast. And here's the rub - even as great as the new Canon 24-70/2.8 L-II seems to be (and early reports seem to indicate it's a killer of a lens), the REALITY is that if you mount that lens on a 5D mk 3 and a Nikon 24-70 on a D800E, you'll get higher resolution values at pretty much any spatial frequency with the D800E/24-70 combination - meaning that no matter how you want to define microcontrast, global contrast, or resolution (in terms of what section of the MTF measurements they lie), the Nikon combo wins. You could have Zeiss custom build you a lens for your 5D3 and it won't matter. So even though you purport to not needing the resolution of a D800 because you don't print large, if sharpness is a concern, you do. Now - if you only print 8x10 or maybe 11x14 inch prints, then it won't matter - but if you go 13x19 and certainly if you print A2 or 16x20 inch size, the D800 combo with a decent lens will win. EVERY time. In terms of sharpness. That's not something you can argue away. So your apparent obsession with sharp lenses won't be realized on a 5D3 - ever - and frankly you'll only be realizing it when the day comes that Canon announces a high resolution model (which I"m sure they will). And if you read any of Lloyd Chambers stuff, you'll also realize that there are benefits to more megapixels even if you don't print large.

Now - as for the AF of the D800 - yup, there are issues with the left sensors, and accuracy with a couple of the fast wides isn't awesome wide open. But you know what? Just for the hell of it, I took my tripod mounted D800E and focused on an object about 100 feet away with my 85/1.8G at F/1.8, flat wide open. Shot 5 times, defocused in between. Lo and behold - spot on at that distance with that lens, so don't believe everything you read either.

Am I bashing Canon? Actually, I'm not. If I were strictly a studio shooter and didn't do landscape, and had a Canon lens collection, I'd love the 5D III. Awesome AF system. Nice "all around" camera. But I also shoot landscape, and in that arena, the D800E simply lets me play (at this current time) on a mesa of image quality that any Canon shooter at this moment can't - and all the whining, emotional responses, arrogant posts or poorly thought out arguments can't change that. I"s no different than around 2005 when Canon was kicking hi-ISO backside and Niokn had nothing to match it - I didn't like it, but there wasn't anything I could do about it back then unless I wanted to dump all my Nikon lenses, which I didn't want to. Some times one brand actually does have a momentary significant advantage in a specific segment of the market. This doesn't mean I advocate people changing systems at all - I have no doubt that Canon will introduce a higher resolution body at some point - not sure if it will have the clean floor of the Nikon, but it will be higher res. And when that day comes, those who choose to shoot Canon will be happy, and when that day comes, guys like you who seem to have this thing about sharpness will have your day too. But right now, you don't, and there's nothing you can do about it. So let's try dropping the troll BS and stop posting utter BS as you did in that reply. It has no grounds in reality, none at all.

He might not, but I will....

It's all cool, I also had soft images with 7D, but It never failed me until I Ebayed it.

D300, was a great camera, except the falling battery issue that I personally had and Nikon service failed to fixed in two turns around, ... ebayed.

Keep monitoring D800/E forum to see some news regarding focus and over exposure problems and... no news.

For some reason that "bad low light" performance Sony (A200.A350.A55.A77) never failed me.

My goals here: to check some feedback on D600 , looks great and a lot cheaper then A99, plus flash trigger, great 6400ISO... but mostly I see here is: hate and non intelligent comments.

You might had more experience with photos, I only started in the begging of 80's , when my dad gave me Zenith ET, but that doesn't mean that you can jump and knock out people just because they have different opinion or experience.
Couple technical comments count my eye, working on it:)

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