Leica M(10) - Only ISO 6400?

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Re: Leica M(10) - Only ISO 6400?

jammerbirdi_1 wrote:

I'm trying to imagine what kind of light, at f1.4 with a 50 Lux ASPH, I would realistically be shooting in that I'm going to need more than 6400. Even low light cocktail parties will be an absolute breeze.

Hey, what am I talking about, I've done it for years with Nikons. The only problem was that the 50mm 1.4 lens wasn't in the same league as a Leica lens and holding a D3 steady at 1/30th of second is a much different experience than holding a flat Leica against your face.

kewlguy wrote:

LOL..."Only" ISO 6400??

Seriously, I had D3, and am still usiing 5D2 along with my M9. With those 2 DSLRs, I rarely use ISO6400! Both are excellent at ISO3200 and I believe the M will be very good at 3200 and usable at 6400. That's enough.

Some DSLRs in the market do go up to crazy ISOs like 12,800, 25,600, or even 100k - BUT I've yet to see really usable results worth printing out. for screens/social media, may be but still not good IMO.

At least with Leica we have more options like 35/1.2 Nokton II, 35 Lux, 50 lux and others albeit the expensive ones. Voigtlander has the new 21/1.8, too.

so yes, I think 6400 is enough.

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I do night-time street photography. I don't always want to have to shoot wide open, I need to pre-focus and like to set a zone sometimes. Really usable 3200 though would be fine, 6400 would be a bonus.

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