Horrible Experience With Canon

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Horrible Experience With Canon

I would like to share with you my experience of buying my first DSLR camera. I would like to know if someone else had a similar problem and how they resolved it.

Half a year ago I've decided to buy my first DSLR camera. Because I've been using a Canon IXUS till then, with which I was very happy, I was inclined to get a Canon again. So after months of research I've decided to get the new T4i with the 18-135mm STM lens.

During that period I moved to Boston and decided to order my camera online so I don't have to pay Massachusetts sales tax. I've been waiting to buy the camera for months, I could wait for a couple of days more.

The camera and the lens arrived. I went to a nearby park to finally try it out. Even there I've noticed that there was something wrong with the image quality. When I got home, I've analysed the images on my computer. They were awfull. Nothing close what that camera should be capable of!

I immediately called the store. They told me to contact Canon instead. I did. Canon told me to send them the camera. I thought, this things happen. No one is perfect, even Canon. The website said that the typical repair time is 7 business days so I wasn't worried. Two weeks passed and the progress bar on their site didn't move. I started sending emails asking for more information. All I was getting were vague responses. After two more weeks I started calling them. They were polite, but useless. The offered a ridiculous explanation - the camera was fixed but they are waiting for a "special tool" to verify the repair. They don't have the necessary equipment? I though I was sending my camera to Virginia to be repaired in their huge factory service center that probably services half a continent. I wasn't happy with this so I called again and demanded to get a replacement if they can't fix it. They didn't care because I only had a repair warranty and not a replacement warranty.

I tried talking to a supervisor, but I got the same answers. So I waited again. After six weeks since I've sent my camera to be repaired, I've noticed that the repair status on their website changed to "shipped". Yes! It's finally over! The camera arrived after a slight delay because UPS tried delivering it to my office on a Saturday.

I opened the box and my camera was there. I went to take out the lens, but it was missing. They only sent back the camera. I called them immediately. Their explanation was: "We decided that the lens can't be repaired and are now waiting for a replacement. But you told me that the lens was repaired? Yes, we thought that, but that wasn't exactly true. So you lied to me? No, that was the best information we had at the moment. OK, can you at least tell me when will I receive the lens? I will talk with the repair employees and get back to you".

He didn't. As he didn't one more time before.

At least I have the camera, I thought. I'll just buy another lens while I get back my 18-135. So I ordered the 1.4 50mm I was planning to buy a little later. I went on a hiking trip and was looking forward to finally take some amazing pictures. The pictures with the prime should be amazing, I thought, although I learned it's not the best lens for taking scenery photos.

The pictures were still washed out. A little better than before, but my iPhone still takes better ones.

The end result is that after 7 weeks after buying a brand new Canon camera, I have a faulty camera and I still haven't received my lens back. I will have to send the camera back to Canon again (they don't cover your shipping expenses), wait again for who knows for how long and hope that they will finally fix it and that I won't have to go thought the whole thing once again.

I'm appalled that a such a respectable company treats it's customers in such a way. Untill now I've had the luck of not having to repair any of my gadgets so I wasn't aware how good technical support is important when buying any product.

Any suggestion how should I proceed to deal with this? Who should I contact?

I think my biggest mistake was I didn't return the camera directly to the store I bought it from.

I hope all of you had a better experience than me.

Canon EOS Rebel T4i (EOS 650D / EOS Kiss X6i)
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