For shooting stills, is there any benefit to GH3 vs G5?

Started Sep 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: For shooting stills, is there any benefit to GH3 vs G5?

+1 it's a bit early to know how GH3/G5 image quality will compare. I would guess Panny will make sure GH3 has some still IQ improvement, but if so/how much will take a little longer to find out.

I get the impression the GH3 sensor is not the same as the G5, or is maybe enhanced? Wider dynamic range, much faster data dumping and maybe more on-chip processing is the impression I'm left with, but I could be wrong. Surely we'll hear from the sensor birthers on this...

Outside of image quality there seems to be some performance and handling differences that could be important to a primarily stills shooter. Significantly faster autofocus, better EVF, better LCD, better control layout and more flash power are all applicable to stills shooting.

If there is little difference in still IQ than the G5 will be a much stronger value than the GH3 to a stills shooter, especially if the improved performance/handling don't matter to you and/or if the bigger/heavier form factor annoys you.

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