5D (original) to 6D

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Eric Turcotte Regular Member • Posts: 249
Re: 5D (original) to 6D

5d2 : Digic 4 (slower), ISO performance only 6400 ! At same iso, 5d3 is a tad better than 5d2. I hope 6D have the same noise performance as the 5d3.

Color on 5D2 not seem as good as the 5d original.

movies are better on 5d3, bracketing and ev correction are better on 5d3 ... many little thing let me a "old camera spects" in my mouth with th 5d2.

6D ... we not know what will be the focus performance ...

I have the 5d original and 6D seem appeling for me. The 5D3 is better but it's 1500$ more ...

jeremychu wrote:

Just curious, why not get a 5D mk ii now?

(I should add I'm also a 5D original owner and waiting for the 6D reviews to come in too)

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