rx100 very unsharp wide open at 28mm !?

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Tom Hoots
Tom Hoots Veteran Member • Posts: 6,072
Utter nonsense.

hexar wrote:

Put the lense at the Wide end . Aperture 1.8 make a close up ( close as possible) . get AF confirmation or MF to the best . result .....????

The result is CORNERS OUT OF FOCUS, not "soft corners."

If you use the same settings to take a picture of a subject, and the camera produces a blurry bokeh around it, then you are practicing " photography ."

Whining about soft corners with these settings is simply nonsense.

Why don't you try to do the same test with your own eyes: See how well you can focus on something out in your peripheral vision, while you stare at something an inch in front of your eyes. Your eyes can't do it, either.

Tom Hoots

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