Canon 6D $2,099

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Kalin Junior Member • Posts: 46
Not entirely agree...

All you say makes sense and yet I can't help thinking that the 6D is exactly the camera Sony needs. A no-frills FF stills shooter for people who want to have the FF quality and lens availability without the extra cost and weight for functions we rarely use. Pair the 6D with a 17-40 or an even lighter (and cheaper) short zoom and you have the perfect all-round FF cam for 'regular' people which breaks neither your back nor wallet.

And if one needs a sports cam, which the 6D clearly isn't, well... it's very unlikely this person would choose an A99 either. A pro Canon/Nikon body is a much better and cheaper choice when lens availability and price is taken into account. There are tons of used Canikon long fast lenses (and pro bodies) on the market for a fraction of the price of a new A99 with its very limited and very expensive selection of sports lenses.

So, Sony, give us the A88 ASAP!!

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