OVF vs EVF put to rest

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Re: OVF vs EVF put to rest

seilerbird666 wrote:

i don't mind people expressing different opinions. It is the ones that have to make up lies to tell me how superior OVFs are over EVF that I respond to such as this load of crap:

Of all posters expressing a preference for OVF, I haven't seen one post trying to ram OVF down the throats of EVF users. Some EVF fans have used very aggressive and threatening language. I've not seen any of that from an OVF fan. Pretty well every OVF fan has conceded that EVF has some merit and many have said that when it improves sufficiently for their purposes they will move across, me included.

Seems to me that current OVF users are a far more civilised breed.

moimoi deserves everything he gets for complaining about fuzzy shots from the a99 that he cherry picked from the Internet while ignoring the sharp photos. And then when they sharp a99 photos do get posted here he claims they aren't from the "real world" Where were they taken, on Mars?

If you don't like my comments then put me on your ignore list. But don't tell me what I can and cannot post.

Have I told you what you can and cannot post?

Why don't you go back through the hundred and more posts in this thread and just check the tone of the comments. I haven't seen any OVF fans tell EVF fans to "gt*o" of here, but have seen it from EVF fans. I find you hard core EVF fans a bit sad really. There's plenty on here who use both and express balanced and fair views. Almost every OVF fan has expressed an understanding of the benefits of EVF, but that it's just not for them yet. EVF hard core fans seem to think that they have to persuade, or even bully the world into believing that current EVF technology is some kind of photographic panacea. Maybe because they feel they have some responsibility to help get it fully established, or to ensure they haven't wasted their investment in lenses etc. Rest assured, your investment is safe and EVF will be here for the foreseeable future and it will improve.

But for me, I'm not convinced yet and I most definitely won't be bullied by EVF fans, so you can insult me as much as you want. I'm going nowhere!

Also, so what if someone likes Canon or Nikon. So what. There opinion is worth as much as yours.

OVFs are superior in some ways and EVFs in others. We just decide, based on our personal priorities, which we prefer and if we can afford both and enjoy both for different situations, all the better.

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