My A99 has already shipped!

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Re: My A99 has already shipped!

Hi all-

Well, upon my not getting any kind of shipping tracking info, and checking in again with Sony customer support, it is clear that my A99 is not getting in early, has not already shipped, and is still on-track for an 11/2 release date.

The good news, according to Sony, is that I won't be caught by the "out-of-stock" backlogs they expect to see once the A99 starts shipping - so I'll take that as a sign that Sony has big expectations for how this camera is going to do.....

Sorry for any letdown this may cause,


taamberg wrote:

Hi all-

I'm an a900 user, happy as a clam, except for one thing: ISO performance between 1600 and 3200. While I'm originally a landscape and portrait shooter (lots of time or lots of light), I've found myself requested to shoot a lot of events.

Hence, I put in an order for the A99 as soon as the pages went live on The order said I should expect shipment on or around 11/1, but this morning I got a notice that it already shipped, yesterday!

I didn't request expedited shipping, so I won't see it for another 4 to 6 business days or so, but when it comes in, I'll try to give everyone a full report, warts and all.

Tom Amberg

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