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I'm replying to the OP, as a way to reply in general to various responses.

There was an interesting post in by Roger Cicala of Lens Rentals over the summer, giving his take on the state of mirrorless cameras:


If you read down in the comments, someone gives the opinion that the K-01 is in fact way ahead of the game based on the kind of sensors that are to be expected. Here's the comment from someone named Kevin Purcell:

"You were almost right but perhaps you had too much of the futurists curse: “TV will kill radio” idea. Often new technology supplements older technologies. Though they often be more popular than the older tech often adapts and remains relevant in a much smaller roles. I think that might be happening with mirrorless and DSLRs.

The other is timing. We are not at the end of the revololution or even the beginning of the end but perhaps we are at the end of the beginning (to mangle Churchill).

There are going to be two distinct kinds of interchanable lens mirrorless cameras in the future: the short backfocus mirrorless (that we all know today) and the “long backfocus” mirrorless of which the Pentax K-01 is in the van of the vanguard.

Why? Because eventually (within the next 3 to 5 years?) sensors will have PDAF on chip and EVF will become good enough (almost there) and cheap enough (not quite there) to allow DSLR makers to make “mirrorless DSLRs” that will look just like DSLRs and have the same size as DSLRs and use DSLR lenses but they won’t have a mirror in the mirror box. They’ll do this when the cost of parts and assembly of EVF and on-sensor PDAF is cheaper than the mechanics, the mirrors, the PDAF sensors and the calibration of the current design.

The Pentax K-01 went early without an EVF (but they left the bump for the future) and the PDAF but shows that Pentax is thinking of the future and keeping their current lens selection relevant (it’s curious how Pentax keep making full frame compatible lenses too but that’s another post on Pentax’s direction).

Canon and Nikon will follow this route when it makes business sense to them. As usual they’ll be later than their “dwarf” competitors. I expect the other DSLR makers Pentax and Sony to go down this route if they think the entry level part of the market is worth fighting for.

The “short backfocus” mirrorless market will get EVFs mostly at the middle and top end … there are lots of low end casual users who like using the back panel LCD to frame their photos.

Ricoh, Sony, Canon might still be providing “jeans pocket” (or at least “jacket pocket”) RAW capable point and shoots for those of us who like to carry a good small camera with us. Others may join them. They may even get EVFs at the top end if they’re aimed at photo otaku like us."

howellls wrote:

While I have learned to take reviews with a grain of salt, I was surprised how harsh Steve Huff was in his review of the K-01. He certainly had not issues with the quality of the photos it produced. His criticism was around the size, layout, placement and overall useability. I find it an interesting looking camera. I like a big meaty camera and typically shoot with big heavy DSLRs with batt packs like the K10D or Nikon D300s. I have some pentax lens so I am considering one at some point in the future.

Would welcome thoughts from K-01 owners. Are you happy with your purchases? How do you find the useability aspects? Is it a solid well made camera?

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