Almost ran into this guy in my yard

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Re: Almost ran into this guy in my yard

kaw209 wrote:

mrxak wrote:

That might've been a hard shot to take, but consider yourself lucky. I've got some gorgeous orb weavers hanging around my house, literally dozens of them, but they only come out at night, and they only spin their webs real close to my windows. Eventually, I'm going to figure out how to shoot them. Very light-shy, and the windows are a problem I can't quite figure out how to get around.

Oh well, some day.

Try looking at it this way: because your orb-weavers are 'considerate' enough to build their webs close to your windows, you're lucky that you don't have to worry about accidentally walking through one

Well they certainly love me. I live in a wet area, so lots of bugs, and the light from my windows draws so many insects into their webs, it's unbelievable. The spiders don't really need to compete. Even with overlapping webs in some cases, they're all getting plenty to eat. They can really pick and choose which of the dozens of insects caught in their webs that they want to snack on, on any particular night.

I would like to get them identified, but it's hard without a decent photograph.

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