New PENs, but where’s the E-P5?...

Started Sep 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
safaridon Veteran Member • Posts: 3,255
Re: New PENs, but where’s the E-P5?...

The question I have is why is everyone accepting as fact that the new PENs are using the same sensor as the EM5 when their sensor size differs and is exactly the same size as that for the GH3 ie 16.1 effective and 17.2 mp total? Both could in fact be Sony origin but made under license in Pany facilities?

M4/3 rumors admin hinted in a response that a PEN with inbody EVF may be in the works. I hope it will be much like NEX6 in size and concept but with IBIS. Maybe with the Oly Sony contract we will see a NEX6 with m4/3 mount? Possible but not likely with Oly emphasis on IBIS and non stabilized lenses.

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