Time to ditch the DSLR?

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Time to ditch the DSLR?

After several back-breaking years of carrying a massive bag full of DSLR kit - is it time to look at ditching the beasts and using something a little smaller?

I've had a dream to release the shackles of big, heavy lenses and DSLR cameras and get all my shooting kit into a much smaller bag- one that is more travel friendly but also enables me to carry on shooting in my style and more importantly for my clients and their needs.

This post is going to end up getting quite geeky - so if you're offended by camera porn its not the blog to read.

I carry (as most pros do) pretty much 2 of everything - 2 bodies, flashguns, several spare batteries and enough lenses to cover a range of subjects and also to cover me if one should fail. Needless to say this all packs into a rather large and heavy bag.

Most of you will already know that I have invested a fair amount of my hard earned cash into the Leica system and over the past 18 months or so Ive fallen more and more in love with the quality of the images that it produces. I've been well and truly hooked into the somewhat exclusive Leica fraternity and it feels like this is where my photography and photographic journey is taking me. The only issues I have with it - is that it's not great with high ISO (low light) and this is where I tend to find myself shooting - especially events in dimly (but creatively) lit venues.

I've been eagerly awaiting an announcement from Leica about their new camera and other accessories to decide whether I was going to follow my head - and heart (possibly heart wins over head here) and buy their latest and greatest or upgrade my Canon bodies.

The announcement came tonight - and I am now truly thrown a dilemma. What they have released is pretty much what I was hoping for. I was kinda hoping that they would not release anything that interesting so it would make my decision a little easier (part exchange some of my Canon kit for new Canon kit) - simple. But - for us photographers and new tech lovers life is just not that simple.

So - I need advice here..

The easy plan: Part exchange some of my current kit and re-invest in an updated Canon body (1DX)

The not so easy plan: Part exchange my Leica M9 and then upgrade to the new M

or.. what I REALLY want to do..

Keep my Leica M9 as a backup, sell the entire Canon kit and invest in the new Leica M and all the accessories I'll need with it (grips, batteries etc)

Essentially I'd be losing all the benefits of DSLR's - rapid Autofocus, fast shooting for fast action like sports and so on..

So..what to do? I thought I'd open it out to the floor...

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