removing Windows files from a Mac

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Re: removing Windows files from a Mac

mstecker wrote:

I am very new to Macs. I accidentally downloaded a Windows executable file (one I made on my Windows PC) to my Mac Mini 2011 (OSX Mountain Lion) and it went into the download folder. I would like to remove it, but when I tried to drag it to the trash it would not move. I also tried Terminal with the "rm space" for removal, but again could not drag it to terminal. Any suggestions on how to delete the file which remains in the download folder?

Is the file listed in the Terminal when viewing the folder with the ls -all command? I had some Excel (lock?) file that wouldn't budge in the Finder. In the end it was something wrong with the Finder as the file was not visible via the command line and restarting the Finder removed the file.

If it shows up in the Terminal, ls -all should also give you all kind of information about the file, eg, if the file is owned by a different user (with no write rights for you), there is always sudo rm filename . If it turns out to be a folder, there is (sudo) rm -iR. The really hardcore stuff would be an immutable flag ( ), for this first remove the flag with chflags.

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