GH3....Panasonic's vs Oly's views of the M43 market

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Re: GH3....Panasonic's vs Oly's views of the M43 market

I too wish the GH3 were smaller but maybe Pany knew what they were doing as according to latest Amazon figures the GH3 is currently for the moment the top selling camera in the US! I think the pent up demand for higher video capacity coupled with a robust metal body with good erogomics has helped.

The same was true for the EM5 with its new IBIS & Sony sensor for awhile but since fallen back inspite of its smaller body size but the big long std kit lens has hurt the compact concept even if weather proofed. In Japan right now the GF5 is #4 and GX1 is #8 followed by the Pens while the closest EM5 is about #40 in sales. Inspite of excellent capabilities the small DSLR G5 is not showing in the top 100 in either Japan or US. Based on current sales trends I think both Pany and Oly (4/3) are having more trouble selling their DSLR models than their rangefinder style concepts. While Pany is trying to cover all the bases hence the larger GH3 size I think that they would do better by concentrating on smaller rangefinder models like the GX1 with and w/o EVF. Also Pany's recent fast quality lenses still are smaller than the DSLR competition and do not require a larger camera size to accomodate. Recent mirrorless rangefinder models have proven to be very popular ie NEX6 and Fuji XF1 and Pany/Oly alternatives would in my opinion also be runaway successes.

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