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Re: My bad -- he didn't mention memory....

malch wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

But, the best open source image viewers/editors are designed for KDE (Gwenview, digiKam, showFoto and more), and need KDE libraries installed to work.

Very good point. Since he'll need the KDE libraries for those apps, the KDE desktop makes sense. Even if I am a bit biased against KDE -- just a personal preference

Don't know if it is such a good point, because there are way more GTK applications then there are Qt applications, and a user is bound to install applications that need the GTK libraries to work (RawTherapee, Raw Studio, UFRaw and GIMP for starters) So you probably cannot avoid installing both toolkits. And that takes the whole libraries argument of the table...

Next to that, I don't realy know what kind of resources we are talking about here.... installing the toolkits side by side doesn't mean that the whole desktop environment will be installed. What kind of extra load will that mean for memory/processor? Can't imagine it to be that much... On my laptop I run XFCE (that is GTK based) and some Qt applications. Never noticed any performance lag.

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