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Re: No, Either YOU or Apple Misses the Point...


It's cool the 808 has the camera it has, but in reality, that's about where it ends in the > eyes of those spending money.

Thats not how I read it. I am a happy iPhone 4s user.
The 808 has.

A Phone that is exceptionally clear receiving and sending voice over the phone.
You know the 808 is a phone first and foremost and one of the best.

The 808 has one of the best navigation apps on any smart phone.

The 808 has the best camera in any smartphone and a lot better not just a little.

The 808 has one of the oldest out of date operating systems of any smart phone.

The 808 is lacking in the apps dept. so you pretty much take what is on the phone and live with it.

I won't be getting a 808 but have my eye on the Nokia 930 which also has the Pureview camera but a striped down one as I understand it. It will most likely be much better then any iPhone.

The Nokia 930 will have win 8 on it so tons of apps and all kinds of tweeks just like the iPhone. I think the iPhone missed the boat not really improving the iPhones 5s camera. That was the deciding factor to me.

Keep in mind this is from someone that has just been following the threads on this forum and has never had a Nokia phone in my hand. I always buy my phones from eBay so may be very disappointed when i snatch that 930 out of the box. But the new iDevices just don't do it for me. I have already sold my iPad and bought a MacBook Air and I have a Mac Pro. So for me it will be OSX and I'm not completely sure what system or my phone and tablets but must likely not iOS

Please remember what I have said may be way off but its how I see it at this point in time. Any input would be fine.

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