Updated specs on the EOS 6D

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Re: DPReview throwing caution to the wind

Martin Muehlemann wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

The thing Andy raises that hadn't struck me is the issue of EF-S lenses, of course the 6D won't take them, so upgraders from APS-C are likely to have to change lenses anyway, in which case they might as well look at the D600.

A fullframe sensor deserves a proper HG lens. The 24-70 II is what you need in any case to make the most out of such a sensor. A bad lens will make the best cam look awful. Put a 28-105 on a 1D-X and the images will be poor.

Ok, Canon release bad sample images of the 5D III too. Upgraders can do so too ...

That assumes people have the spare cash available to swap all their lenses when they buy the camera.

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