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Re: DPReview throwing caution to the wind

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The thing Andy raises that hadn't struck me is the issue of EF-S lenses, of course the 6D won't take them, so upgraders from APS-C are likely to have to change lenses anyway, in which case they might as well look at the D600.

When I upgraded from a D200 to a D3 (ie, DX to FX), I got rid of all my (two) DX (zoom) lenses right away. Admittedly, I actually replaced only one of them with a somewhat corresponding FX lens as I had rarely used the other. As all my other lenses where FX primes already, it was not a difficult decision to take, in particular since there was only one single DX prime in Nikon's line-up at the time (10.5 mm f/2.8 FE).

The reality is that although Nikon FX can use DX lenses but they don't run well. Serious photogs will not use DX lenses on FX bodies that is my impression.

I think you are right, but people in the market for a budget camera might not want to upgrade all their lenses in one go.

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