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AF video question

Anders W wrote:

My video experience with this camera (or any other) is so far extremely limited. So I had to check. But yes it works. This is the way I managed to set it up the way you like.

1) Change video AF-mode from AF-C (default) to AF-S (custom menu, AF section)

2) Switch to video mode on the mode dial (I have the red video button reassigned to do DoF preview in still mode)

3) AF by half-pressing the ordinary shutter button and then depress it fully to start video capture

4) Do another AF cycle whenever you like by pressing the red video button (which turns out to do AF but nothing else in this mode; I had no idea until now what it would actually do but happily it worked just right when my intuition told me to try it ;))

5) Depress shutter button fully again to end video capture

Ah, thanks very much for that!!!

Oh, one other question, is the AF point visible when recording video? In other words, when you press the shutter release to force it to re-autofocus, can you actually see which area it will be AF'ing on?

My interest in the OM-D has waned a bit, now that I see that the GH3 supports wireless flash and looks to have excellent ergonomics...but the OM-D's IBIS is very difficult to ignore. Panasonic or Olympus really should just let me dictate what features to include in their cameras. Things would be so much easier for me, then.

Right now, the GH3 is ticking more boxes for me than the OM-D. But the in-body stabilization box happens to be rather large.

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