Post Photokina where does the E-PL5 fit into the scheme of things?

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Re: Post Photokina where does the E-PL5 fit into the scheme of things?

Considering your current investment and the use of them on the smaller bodies, I would say that the E-PL5 would be a great way to replace the E-410/E-510. The E-30 would still sit pretty for use with the large lenses and the older lenses which wont focus fast on the mirrorless cameras.

Playing the waiting game for a camera that can focus fast and accurate with all lenses could be a long one. The next camera to do this, be it a new DSLR or mirrorless, would be your obvious choice to replace the E-30. And something I would like to see as well, although my E-30 is coping it would be nice to have cleaner high ISO.

I only have a few lenses that need the E-30 to focus, but the 70-300mm needs a bigger/heavier body to operate quickly and effectively. I just cant get the turning force with my E-P1 or E-PL3 to zoom quickly/easily.

Ultimately, the E-M5 would offer you a much better option for a main camera than any other mirrorless from olympus. The grip is a must have from my point of view, it gives the camera such a versatile range of uses. Just lacks the ability to focus quickly with older 43rds lenses, I cant comment more on the speed as I don't own the camera.

As for the camera clubs, I have had my shots rated well in the past. Some judges I have seen take a realistic look on images and dislike the saturated, sharpened to death and 'perfectly clean' look of entries. On the other hand, I have had club members disagree with the judge viewed an image as not sharp enough... it was a live gig shot not a ISO 100 studio setup, so the image wasn't pin sharp.

Just stick with your guns, produce your images and score consistently in competitions.

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