GH3 same old, Panasonic listen up, we need PDAF on sensor

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Re: GH3 same old, Panasonic listen up, we need PDAF on sensor

Gavin Stapleton wrote:

To me, there's a couple of features missing from the GH3 before it can be considered "pro". EG: Top backlit info LCD display panel, ISO100 and 1/8000 shutter all spring to mind. Weather sealing doesn't make it pro, as has been demonstrated by the Pentax K-30. Otherwise I think it's a step in the right direction. I'm dearly hoping the 1/4000 shutter specification is wrong...

Legitimate question: Is there any advantage to a 1/8000 shutter in videography? [Side note: there's some great debate in the Nikon FX forums about the 1/4000 vs 1/8000 (since the shiny new D600 also maxes out at 1/4000)]. Given that the GH3 is particularly focused to folks that want a capable video camera as much as a stills camera, I'm really okay with the 1/4000 vs. 1/8000 - I used to own a D7000 which was capable of this feat, and, going back, I had absolutely no frames in the several hundred I reviewed (focusing especially on outdoor pictures) that actually used that particular shutter speed.

As for the true meaning of "pro," I think it's variable depending on the individual. My definition of pro is whether or not a professional is using a given device.

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