Finally wifi in a dslr

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Re: Finally wifi in a dslr

Andrew Ellis wrote:

I think I'd rather keep wifi and GPS separate as well. With the "poor" battery life on the D800 (and maybe also the D600?), anything else which puts a strain on the battery is a non-no for me.

If I want it, I can add it.
Forget the make, use your camera, take pictures...

wifi would bearly be noticeable on the battery and gps now is very energy efficient in compact cameras. If you wanted you could just turn them off. The trouble with a dongle is that it is exposed- more likely to get damaged, makes the camera more bulky, and is more likely to get lost.

The other benefit is that if it was ubiquitus there would be more apps made to make use of this. I should be able to set my camera to stream my pictures to an iPhone or iPad as I take them. Also how much easier would it be to be able to set all your camera settings through an iPad app.

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