Old vs. New - Nikon 24-85mm F3.5-4.5G Lens for D600

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Re: Old vs. New - Nikon 24-85mm F3.5-4.5G Lens for D600

I have the new 24-85, and it is a very nice consumer-grade lens. The reviews suggest that it is better than the old, but not substantially better. Therefore, unless you need the VR, you will get at most a marginal gain from the purchase that most people won't be able to distinguish in your photography.

As for the 24-120, if you get a good copy it is better than either 24-85, and it gives you 120mm. However, the real upgrade for a normal-range zoom given what you already have is the 24-70mm. Your 70-300mm is probably better from 100mm-120mm than the 24-120mm and your primes in that range are clearly superior. I'd look to spend my money elsewhere.

George Paulides wrote:

I plan to invest in a Nikon D600 soon and it will be my first Nikon DSLR purchase in quite a while (D200). I have the older Nikkor AF-S 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED back from the F100 days.

Is it worthwhile in purchasing the new 24-85mm F3.5-4.5 ED VR lens or should I just use the older 24-85mm? I know the newer lens has probably better coating, more modern design with VR but a $600 saving is a $600 saving.

I have the following lens that I could use with the FF D600:

Nikon 24mm F2.8 AF-S
Nikon 18-35mm 3.5-4.5D
Nikon 50mm F1.4G
Nikon 85mm F1.8G
Nikon 70-300mm VR
As well as the older Nikkor AF-S 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED


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