Nikon 200mm f2 + close-up tubes?

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Re: Nikon 200mm f2 + close-up tubes?

A couple of thoughts:

the 200 f4 macro is actually quite a good, albeit a bit slow of focus, tele lens. But for what you do a 200 f2.8 with a set of Kenko tubes (heck they're cheap and light) and a TC 1.4 gives you quite a number of options in a smallish, lightish package. Certainly one your beefed up arms should handle with ease....

Throw in a TC 1.7 and even more options.

FWIW, I carry a set of Kenkos most of the time and have used them on a 70-200 VR1 - they work great but the VR isn't really good enough to allow much in the way of hand holding macro stuff - you really, really need a tripod.

Now you're carrying a bit more stuff. Back to the weight bench.

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