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Re: For those in "the know", how good is D600 video quality?

Well... Perhaps it may be a dumb question for those who already have a D7000 or similar camera...?

To be fair, I don't have a D7000; nor have I shot video before, as I mentioned. I currently have a D700 and would be interested in diving into video, as I have FX lenses.

However, your point is taken in regards to video effecting shutter life. I haven't thought about that aspect. I would be interested in hearing about the failure rate of cameras that do shoot HD video...

LPLIV wrote:

Dumb Question... I am currently shooting with a D7K and don't use the video for three reasons... I make my money with stills, I have heard that using the video can take life off the 150,000 shutter actuations and #3 is that I would probably buy a HD Camera for video if I was going to use it for work... How true is my fear about using up the shutter if I used it for video all the time...
BTW, the video was great...

Your input is appreciated as always...


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