SX40 and RAW insertion...

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Re: SX40 and RAW insertion...

Bodhi-U wrote:

It has been mentioned to me that a RAW file addition can be inserted into the SX40 through wikipedia CHDK download. Has anyone actually done this to their SX40 and specifically I ask is there any lag time between shots as well as how large are the RAW files? Any set back to the functioning of the camera?

Thank you for your input and insight to the SX40 and RAW

I've been using CHDK for almost a year now, on my SX40. It does slow down the shot-to-shot time, while it saves a the RAW file to the memory card. Well worth it, IMHO - and you can always shut off the RAW function if you know you need speed more than the RAW file.

File size is heavily dependent on what you're shooting. I'd have to look at some of mine to give you an idea, but they're on the computer at home.

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