Moving the AF point greatly helps with focus accuracy

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Re: Moving the AF point greatly helps with focus accuracy

I do agree with you post, as I feel it's the way the focus points are intended to be used. Having just the one eye in focus on the lower image works for me. Not for everyone, but I often to the same.

The issue I see is that the focus points in the view finder don't necessarily align with what you are seeing. I have intended to write another post about this, but here's an example. If you put the camera in manual focus using the OVF, the points don't align with actual focus points. Simply, in the OVF, put the center focus point on an object. Then, push in the wheel on the back so the focus screen comes up, and you'll see that, at least on my camera, it's not even close to where it is on the OVF.

I suspect this could be a big cause of a lot of focus issues. Points do need to align. However, the EVF does not seem to have this issue. I have to do further testing to check the consistency of this, but there is enough of a discrepancy to cause pretty severe focus issues.

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