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My bad -- he didn't mention memory....

Jim Cockfield wrote:

malch wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

I think most users underestimate just how lean and mean some of the newer KDE releases are on most hardware, with a very full featured desktop that can be more "comfortable" for users that have been using Windows for the most part.

I agree that KDE will run fine on a system with limited RAM. However, the OP indicates that he wants to do some photo editing. So I'd certainly be inclined to run a very lightweight desktop to maximize the RAM available for the image(s). On the other hand, we just don't know enough about the configuration of the OP's old machines to really nail this.

Well... he mentioned dual core AMD with 2GB of memory. Given that KDE based distros run just fine on something like my wife's 5 year old Dell with a dual core CPU and 1GB of memory, I doubt he'd have any issues with notebooks with even more memory installed.

100MB one way or the other when comparing available desktops for LInux is not going to make much difference on a machine with 2GB installed, and some of the very full featured distros with KDE installed can work in less than 512MB of memory

It looks like I'm mistaken. I see the dual AMD part (which I assume means dual core AMD CPUs), but not the 2GB part (I must have skimmed the post too fast and just thought he mentioned 2GB).

In any event, if they've got 1GB or more memory installed (and with dual core CPUs, I suspect they would have at least that much), I'd just go with a KDE based distro instead of the other alternatives.

I am a bit "biased", since I prefer KDE based distros for personal use. But, the best open source image viewers/editors are designed for KDE (Gwenview, digiKam, showFoto and more), and need KDE libraries installed to work.

So, you might as well install a distro using a KDE desktop anyway so that you're not installing KDE based libraries in a different desktop (Gnome, XFCE, etc.) to make use of those apps.

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