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By no means did I mean to make it sound like there was no interest in posting the photos, by all means there is. The camera settings help for sure. Fhe E-PL1 will also tend to blow out skies if you don't expose for them, I often find myself dialing in some negative exposure comp on the Olympus (as I did on my prior Olympus e410 and e420) when shooting on bright sky days.

My apologies for my choice of words when I said "he overexposed" without consideration for how the shot was made.

It -is- an odd comparison, but I know it was meant as just a casual one.

The E-PL1 (and E-P1) are fine cameras that are often degenerated in the various forums but in reality can produce some fine photos. I've always enjoyed the color response of my Olympus cameras, and would put them even with the Fujis in terms of "seeing" color in a pleasing way. The Sigma cams sometimes trump that, sometimes not, most often depending on the light at hand (just how it is with the Foveon sensors).

I think Sandy and Richard are both on the right track in suggesting that the value of these posts is this: how do these cameras see things in the real world? Which one might suite how I shoot? What is the workflow involved? All these things mean more than just arguing resolution, etc.

richard stone wrote:

I'm glad you posted the pictures too. There is no perfect test. There is no perfect methodology. Sometimes the most honest test is just what you did, to see how the camera does, with some modest tweaking. Don't pay any attention to the twits, as there is no way to please them.

I am personally considering both the epl1 and the DPM2. The epl1 does well enough. The DPM2 is an extraordinary camera.
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