Gh2 hack vs Gh3

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Re: Gh2 hack vs Gh3

The GH3 uses a completely new sensor with a new AA filter. I have several clips from the GH3 and it looks very very good. However, my GH2 would come close to it in sharpness but fall way behind in dynamic range.

The bottom line is that the GH2 is outstanding for 24p video. It really isn't going to be leaps and bounds better with the GH3. However, the GH3 shoots 1080p @ 60 FPS and that will be awesome for slow motion.

If you only shoot 24p and are happy with the GH2 results then I would definitely get better glass like the 35-100mm F2.8 and wait for more reviews of the GH3 before I bought it.

I bought both(GH3 + 35-100mm F2.8) this morning because I need 1080p @ 60 FPS for slow motion. The wait until November will kill me.

wish1510 wrote:

What is the difference between a hacked Gh2 and the new Gh3 in terms of Video. Wouldn't a prospective buyer be better of buying the Gh2 hacking it and using the rest of the money for lenses instead of investing on a gh3.

I am just wondering this and any insight from those who know better will be appreciated.

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