I cannot believe I am asking this.....

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Re: I cannot believe I am asking this.....

jameas wrote:

I always cringe when I see members post questions like "what lens should I take to wherever I'm going.....". I cannot help thinking that surely (if the individual has a number of lenses to choose from) they would have a good idea what they should take given their traveling conditions - a decision that must be taken every time they leave the house/caravan/motorhome/house boat etc..

I cannot believe that any city/town/place would command "such and such lens" in order to reach the photographic nirvana to be so desired.

I'm with you on this ! I guess maybe a lot of people ask because they're insecure, but the same thoughts occur to me time & again: (a) why don't you already know what to shoot and (b) why does Paris require special lenses ?

So here is my dilemma. ... my 5DII and ... or...........

Just take the X100.

Why don't you already know ? And why does Venice require special lenses ?

OK, obviously you DO already know and are just looking for "food for thought" to help with a tough compromise. I debate the same thing (with different cameras) before trips.

Regarding your travel/hotel arrangements ... is it possible to carry two cameras on the plane, leave one at the hotel and choose a different camera on different days ? One or two days with the 5D depending on where you're going that day ? Several days with the X100 ?

That's how I typically go on vacation when I go by car. DSLR kit (not all of it) and lighter gear. Then I carry one lens or a compact camera most days, maybe 2 lenses if I know I might need them. OTOH, when flying, so far, I've shrunk the kit down to Sony NEX gear. There I have a different tradeoff from yours - I keep zoom range, but lose fast apertures because I have no fast NEX lenses and I do miss them.

Is it a once-in-a-lifetime trip ? Have you been there before ? Going anywhere unique while you're there ? I could honestly very much enjoy shooting the sights while traveling with such a camera. Mostly, what I'd miss is a portrait lens for shooting candids of the people I'm traveling with. I might be tempted to carry the X100 with a pocket digicam for backup (though that doesn't solve the portrait issue as the lens won't offer shallow DOF - just offers a bit of flexibility).

Whatever you choose, enjoy the trip !

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