Wi-Fi is missing from A99

Started Sep 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
fjbyrne Veteran Member • Posts: 8,222
More about tethering and remote control IMO

remylebeau wrote:

Wi-Fi in the CSC market makes sense it's a feature that enhances mobility and feeds the gotta have it now culture.

Wifi in a 24MP camera that will have 30meg RAW files is idiotic, especially when the camera shoots tethered.

I can't fathom a situation where the immediacy of seeing the picture requires wifi, or at least not a common situation at that.

SLT haters already bitch about the battery life which honestly isn't bad, I did a half day shoot with my a77 on 1 batter even though I had a second in the grip. Just turn off the GPS and since it was outdoors I turned off the rear LCD and used the EVF.

At some point the a99 has to be recognized as a useful tool and not a product for the masses, and there's simply some functions that the damn camera doesn't need. And if one were to have those needs there are certainly better and cheaper alternatives, rather than continuing to stuff this camera full of functions.

I think the real use in a camera like the A99 would be for tethering and remote control. Sure you could use it for uploading your photos but that is secondary IMO.

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