Sony RX1 better than DP2 M

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Re: Sony RX1 better than DP2 M

Raist3d wrote:

I think you mention several things that are worth thinking about- a lot of the people who seem to worship image quality seem to turn a blind eye to some of the issues the new sensor can have and the advantages that other sensors have in this department. Apparently color depth, 14-bit raw (vs 12 bit raw), vastly superior high ISO performance, better color constancy and real better DR are all ignored.

That said, I think Sigma has done something special in the DP line of cameras, and though they have the shortcomings you mention, I found that none of them was done badly enough to the point of being a deal breaker in some photography domains and there's actually a few unique things I found good (focus distance wheel on DP2), overall simplicity of interface and overall camera feel/build.

I agree with you the camera lends itself well to a particular narrow window of operation but in that narrow window of operation there's several photography domains that are well served, if that's what the photographer buying one does.


I have alot of respect for your more reasonable and balanced points of view - especially as compared some of the official, and eternal Sigma Corp. apologist here. And it is also true that my personal points of view on Sigma's attempts at producing modern camera bodies are indeed rather harsh,"myopic" and blunt - but they are so poorly produced IMO, that even many of the cheap, pedestrian $200 P&S's, illuminate just how neo-Jurassic the DP2M's are comparatively in their technological performance/implementations.

I would love to see a very promising technology like Foveon get the surrounding technological support I believe it richly deserves, and require (including a more sophisticated in-camera processing ability), but throughout Sigma's tortured digital camera attempts period this past decade (since the dawn of the SD9), they have never shown that they fully understand how to properly develop and bring to the marketplace, a highly competitive, modern , state-of-the-technological art imaging tool, whether it is a compact device, or a flagship (originally 10K) DSLR.

Perhaps spending $1000 on a camera that may be able to excel in 2-5% of most photographers everyday output is enough for some..and that may be fine for them. But for the rest of us in these difficult economic times, that kind of money had better well serve the other 95-98% of our photographic output needs, or remain for only those with much deeper pockets, and a h#ll of alot more patience ...

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