Sony RX1 better than DP2 M

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Re: Sony RX1 better than DP2 M

SandyF wrote:

stevielee wrote:

ChromeLight wrote:

Feel better now?


So do DP2Merrill owners... much better WITH the camera!

Have you shot one?

YES! And I'm not impressed with any of the cameras woefully deficient technological implementations. I did manage to get a couple of very good snaps out of it (resolution/fine detail wise), but the color(IMO and experience) is all over the place. And it's higher ISO performance (anything above 400) is even now exceed by some of the teeniest cell phone and P&S sensors out now. It's overall performance and battery life are just plain inexcusable for any modern imaging tool in 2012.

A great sensor and lens might very well be enough for many of the Sigma faithful, but for most everyone outside of that very small niche group, the DP1/2 M's just aren't gonna cut it -- regardless of it's supposed Hubble absolute resolution....

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