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Re: Brilliant !!!

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You may be right, and I think that's the market Panasonic is targeting. However, Canon, Nikon, and especially Sony are targeting the same market with their mirrorless cameras which offer a larger sensor just like the ones those DLSR users will be giving up. So the question, in my eyes, becomes: will the DLSR users trade in their bulky camera for a m43 mirrorless or APS-C mirrorless? If Sony makes an APS-C camera + lens that's exactly the same size as an m43 camera with same lens, what's the draw of m43?

Remember, most DLSR users never take the lens off their camera, so the incredibly rich variety available in m43 isn't really relevant to them.

I would argue that one of the biggest draws of m43 will continue to be the size of its lenses AND its bodies. While I'm happy for the videographers who've been clamoring for an upgrade of the GH2, I'm not sure the GH3 will be all that successful in converting current DLSR users to m43. The OM-D seems more likely to do that, to me.

I'd have been much more interested in a serious RF-style update--something with the improved sensor, some manual controls, maybe a tilting screen. Something with the size of the GF3 and the controls of the GX1. Throw in any kind of EVF and I think Panasonic would have had a runaway winner on its hands.

Be careful, I just wrote almost exactly the same thing in another post and have been roundly castigated for it .....


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