E-P1 and DP2 Merrill

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Re: E-P1 and DP2 Merrill

Sorry abt the LR. Don't know where I got that from...I am not criticizing that you show us these examples, to the contrary. I am shooting the e-p1 today and just curious how these new big sensor, somewhat compact mini cameras like the dp2m compare to the OOC JPGs (or raws) of the well known E-P1.

Since I was not present at the location at the time of capture, I cannot know which one is off exposure wise, but they do not look similar, that is for sure.

Whether you generally prefer somewhat blown out highlights to one with darker shadows (and somewhat bleeding colours from yr first DP2m example) , is subjective. I hope to se more of these kind of comparisons from real world shooting
at default settings, SOOC.



PrebenR wrote:

I don't have LR. I have OOC jpg and it is worse.

My intention was not to make scientific test, just to show the images from the two cameras.

I'm not going to do more work on either image.

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