Canon has lost the trust from their loyal customers.

Started Sep 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
eleison24 Regular Member • Posts: 164
Re: Canon has lost the trust from their loyal customers.

nneubronner wrote:

As a person from HK you should know this camera will sell by the bucketloads to all those teenagers and upstart "artists" who will buy it because of its branding and relatively cheap price.

Your not the target demographic.

Branding; you would think Canon would be more careful of how people perceive their brand.... Once a brand is regulated to the dust bin, its a tough road to get back into the consumers' good graces... Look at Kodak... Schwinn bicycles, etc. Oh well, I guess you're right -- instead of innovating to sell their cameras and increase market share; they are just prostituting their brand.... so sad since I still have a bunch of canon stuff.

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