Slightly Frustrated (lens debate for concerts). Please help..again

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Re: Slightly Frustrated (lens debate for concerts). Please help..again

Josh Jones wrote:

Well, I spoke it over with my wife and with trying to limit the argument, we decided to get a D700. However, she is still ok with me get a pro zoom lens. Its just one of those things, she looks at this as an outsider to photography. Yet she understands that glass is better investments than bodies and I tend to keep upgrading bodies.

My wife is very kind and doesn't complain about my gear lust, so I dont want to push the envelope to far. Therefore, I am going back to my initial plan of keeping the D7000 and purchase a pro zoom lens. With the idea of going FF in the future and keeping the D7000 as a backup/vacation camera.

I appreciate and value everyone's input, but at this time, a body is just not in the cards.

Back to my lens options, for midrange zooms

-Nikkor 24-70 (probably new, will have to wait a bit longer before purchasing though)

-Nikkor 28-70 (used, of course, good reviews, read some issues with possible focus motor problems, scares me)

-Tamron 28-75 (cheap, not as well built, will try to find one without a BIM as I would prefer to use the body motor, I could use the saved money to get my wife something nice as well)

  • Sigma 17-50 (good lens, but I think it just might be a bit short, would still require a few lens swaps during the show to the 85, however, I would gain some cool WA shots when possible and changing out to a single other lens is not that bad.


  • Nikkor 50/1.x (cheap depending on model (1.8), but I would like something in the 1.2 or 1.4 range, benefit of the 1.4 is I could get something with AF, which would be nice for other things such as kids/dogs)

  • Nikkor 28 (would sell the 35/1.8g, good reviews, would still need something in the 50-60 range I believe)

  • Tamron 60 (f2, so faster than pro zooms, would gain macro, but I tried the Tamron 90 and wasnt happy with it due to distance for macro, would much rather something longer like the Sigma 150, however, thats not the main purpose of the lens)

I know that I am over thinking this, but I have made a few purchases in the past and have looked back and somewhat regretted them, so I want to make sure I get what I need/want upfront this time (some compromises are acceptable as this is only a hobby at the current time)

Thanks again

Just a few things to consider on a few of your thoughts. If you want to buy used and are worried about warrantee consider buying from a reputable used dealer that offers MAC warrantee. A few months ago I purchased a Nikon 300mm f4 af-s from KEH and a 2 year MAC warrantee was less than $50.

I don’t worry too much about build quality of the three major 3 parties from the upper line lenses as long as their other performance characteristics meet my needs. My Tokina 50-135mm f2.8 feels just a solid as any of my Nikon pro level lenses. My Tamron lenses although lighter and may not “feel” as solid as other lenses have never let me down. I’ve been told by a Tamron representative that the materials used in their lens barrels are the same composite materials used in NFL helmets. My Sigma lenses have also never let me down even though I do worry about the velvet finish.

I do love both my Tamron 90 and Sigma 150mm macro lenses and are as sharp as they come but would hesitate to use them for low light photography. First macro lenses focus slow because of long focus throws and low light slows them down even more. The focus limiters help but still not ideal for low light stage work.

If it were me I’d go for one of the mid zooms you mentioned and either the Tokina 50-135mm f2.8 or the non OS Sigma 50-150mm f2.8. and be done with it. My low light venue workhorse is the Nikon 80-200mm f2.8 af-s but I’m usually stationary during performances that I shoot. If I was moving around a lot I’d switch out that lens for either of the much smaller and lighter Tokina or Sigma 50-135/150mm in a second if I didn’t need the additional reach.

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