Just sold V1, 50% Depreciation - 6 mos

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Re: Instant gratification or lazy consumer?

Regarding value in photographic equipment, examples to the contrary, all prices approx. values from my transaction email archive:
Nikon D300, bought 1200, sold 1000 after over 2 years in service.
Canon EOS-7D, bought 1300, sold 1250 after 1.5 years of service.
Canon 70-200 F/2.8 L IS, bought 900, sold 950 after 4 years of service.
Canon 24-105 F/4 L IS, bought 1100, sold 970 after 3 years of service.
Leica D-lux 3, bought 500, sold 500 after 4 years of service.

Not the same. That is durable pro gear that you admittedly found deals for and then used gently. The 7D is still $1500 on Amazon, so you obviously got a good deal. You admitted to the ebay 70-200. I have a feeling I could sell much of the gear I have bought used or refurbed for near the price I paid. Nature of the market.

A new first gen consumer product will never hold its value against retail. You drove it off the lot.
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