A99 low light ISO 12800 shots and more

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Re: A99 low light ISO 12800 shots and more

moimoi wrote:

Endos wrote:

richard NO wrote:

I found this on the web, i dont know if its fake or anything but take a look at the low light shots and tell me what you think. http://www.fotoskoda.cz/eobchod/multi/testy/SonyA99/

I think the 90% of that shots, low and high ISO, sucks. And more when they are done with the CZ 24mm, CZ 85mm and Sony 70-200mm G.

Yes, and that is surprising!

But don't worry, the A99 has an EVF and a fixed mirror, this is the future!

That I am not so sure about. My personal feeling is that the camera body will no longer hold a mirror, even within the most expensive FF cameras. We are getting pretty close to mirrorless FF cameras with interchangeable lenses. The RX1 could have probably be designed that way, but within a larger body.

momoi, I was trying to be sarcastic...

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