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Re: DPReview throwing caution to the wind

buellom wrote:

Disappointed too. But that EF-S lenses can't be mounted on the 6D seems not an issue to me. I'm wondering how many people would do that anyway. You simply don't get the potential of the camera this way. When I upgraded from a 40D to a 5DII I could use the Tokina 12-24, but beside some test shots I never did, it didn't feel right, somehow compromised. (Though, you get a FF coverage at 19mm with (just) acceptable corners. The Samyang 14mm and now the Tokina 16-28mm are far better, also the Tokina 12-14 was very good on the 40D.)

I take your point, but the truth is that the ability to use current lenses will take the sting out of the decision to upgrade. Faced with losing their lenses anyway, people are more likely to move to another brand. Nikon at least has crop mode, which means people can count on using their DX lenses. Certainly you are right, they are likely to upgrade lenses as soon as they can, but it saves them the prospect of doing it in one go.

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