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Re: Functional vs retro

Chris Noble wrote:

Revio said:

To me there IS a seldom, if ever, talked about advantage to place the EVF in the middle: It gets 100% in line with the lens!

Only if the lens is in the middle, which it was forced to be in film cameras but which does not make much sense. The left and right hands are positioned very differently: the right grips, the left supports. Which is why lenses have moved towards the left side of digital cameras.

I'm sure you're aware that neither the OMD 'hump', the EVF nor the lens-mount are centered on the E-M5? The center of the lens-mount is 5cm from the left edge of the camera body and 7cm from the right edge of the camera body. The left side of my 40-150mm lens, when mounted on the E-M5, is just under 2cm from the left side of the camera body, and the right side of the lens is just over 4 cm from the right side of the body.

Subjectively, I don't find the EVF placement problematic, at all. I angle my nose slightly off to the left, and it ends up sticking off to the left of the camera, as opposed to pressing directly into the touch screen. If the EVF were truly centered, this wouldn't be possible, as my nose wouldn't clear the extra centimeter on the left side that would come with a centered EVF.

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