New NX lens annouced

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Re: New NX lens annouced

As long as they are releasing new lenses, I applaud them and very pleased.

aeys wrote:

tjobbe wrote:

Announcements are out for the new f4-56/12-24mm Zoom (at 599 Euro) and the f1,8/45mm (yes.. 45mm) at 299Euro price tag. It is not a real Pancake but 45mm long at 115gr

Release date for the Zoom is Oct 2012 while the press release for the 45mm seems to be not ok as it states 1st half of 2012 (I hope it isn't meant to be 2013)

I am a little disappointed in the fixed lens, i would prefer it to be a 55mm as firstly announced instead of a 45mm. (I do have a 30mm, and 45mm is a little too close from what I have)

I've heard that Samsung decide to make it a 45mm because they want to reduce the size. Judging from the press picture, it is not that small size after all.

I really wish it would be 55mm instead

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