OVF vs EVF put to rest

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Re: OVF vs EVF put to rest

tbcass wrote:

Piginho wrote:

The problem here, is that quite a number of EVF fans are trying to ram them down our throats, before EVF is as good as we'd like it to be for the way we work. Telling us to "gt*o" if we don't like what Sony are doing.

True but there are an equal number of OVF fans that constantly post how much EVFs suck so it seems to me both sides are wrong.

Of all posters expressing a preference for OVF, I haven't seen one post trying to ram OVF down the throats of EVF users. Some EVF fans have used very aggressive and threatening language. I've not seen any of that from an OVF fan. Pretty well every OVF fan has conceded that EVF has some merit and many have said that when it improves sufficiently for their purposes they will move across, me included.

Seems to me that current OVF users are a far more civilised breed.

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