D800 Left AF issue... current status?

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Re: D800 Left AF issue... current status?

Bought mine 8 weeks ago, it's been in repair ever since.

First time for 10 days, the service center claimed they fixed it, but I can't see any real difference.

Now it's been in for repair the last 6 weeks. They have to send it to another Nikon Service center, as they claim it's within the specs. It's been there for almost 6 weeks now.

I'm NPS, but they claim, that sending it off a second time, and to a different service center, is "special treatment".

1) My dealer won't replace the camera, and keeps referring to the service center.

2) The service center then keeps referring to Nikon Denmark.

3) I've tried calling Nikon Denmark, but no one high up in the hierachy, has time to speak with anyone at the moment, due to Photokina.

4) The tech @ Nikon Denmark, then referred me to my dealer.

And the loop then continues, LOL.

And YES, I do actually use f/2.8 @ 24-50 with 3D-tracking(moving objects), so this is an issue for ME.

The left AF issue, also called "internet hype" looks like this on my camera.

Before 1st rep.

After 1st rep.

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