Great portraits taken by the 35mm lens?

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Re: Here are several examples

Moti wrote:

Bashar AbdRabbou wrote:

the X-Pro1 @ 35 is actually 50mm in full frame terminology,

Not exactly. it is only cropped to 50mm FOV but the perspective characteristic of the lens stays as a 35mm.


sauf vortre respect, moti, but i strongly disagree. the only determinator of perspective is the position of the camera (or the viewer). what is sometimes called compression is determined by the angle of view. the angle of view follows from the focal length relative to the size of the sensor (or the negative).

safe for resolution, there is no difference between, say, a full frame photo shot with a 50mm lens, and a shot with a 35mm lens shot with the same ff camera, but cropped to exactly the (uncropped) 50mm image. try it out with a zoom lens.

come to think of it, why take full frame as an absolute? that same 'standard' full frame lens of 50mm would make a nice wide angle on a hasselblad (60x60mm) - provided its image circle is wide enough.

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