Dpreview leaks GH3 specs

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Re: Luckily, the leaks were wrong!

Please show us examples of moire with a GH2.
jetty12 wrote:

How will the GH3 benefit me,all my GH2 edited footage goes on BLU RAY,the GH3 may have 50/60P but that is is not BD compatable !

The GH2 can take good footage but the worst thing is the fact it still had moire/aliasing,how some say it does not baffles me,to get moire aliasing free footage a tripod or good brace and panning kept to minimum is required for me anyway,24p is worst ,i use 25P HBR pal which is better but for the least moire aliasing its 1080i but then resolution is lost,the body erganomics may well be better on the GH3 but the overriding gain would have to no moire aliasing.All this refers to video of course.

It seems you dont believe me,i am in the middle of rendering a long project but will show some when i can,do you think i am seeing things,the GH2 can take good video but great care is needed to avoid moire,dont forget though watching transcoded vimeo and youtube it does not show as bad.

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